“Nosey Delights”

Daily Prompts That lovely smell from the first rains, as the droplets touch the hot ground, cooling it and allowing the smell of the dry ground to mix with fresh waters from the heavens. Dust being overpowered by each droplet and soaking in naturally.

Or the smell of a baby being bathed, with all those delicate, gentle lotions and soaps. Fresh baby powder being sprayed on the baby’s bottom, lotion being rubbed ever so gently into the baby’s skin.

I cannot leave out the smell of a lovely hot dinner being prepared. One that captivates the tastebuds from the gate of the yard. The kind that neighbours wish they could be invited for dinner, especially on a cold winter’s night!


“Frame of mind”

Daily Prompt Quiet Friday, phone not buzzing like crazy, patients not hobbling in on their crutches – pure relaxation is how best I can describe my mood today. Without stressing about workloads – because I’ve caught up – I have found time to do what I love best – write to my heart’s content! One sure does need more days like these.