Here’s to 2016

Goodbye 2015 and hello 2016! Here I was thinking that 2015 would rush to an end and bring out a new year, a new 2016. Well, a new year it certainly has been but it seems to be a continuation of 2015. Someone slow down this year!!

January is always the month of new resolutions being made, some being carried forward from the previous year, others being broken as soon as they’re even thought up.

Are resolutions meant for ‘self’ alone? Only physical? Or can we choose to do something more along the philanthropic lines and make someone else smile for a change? How about spiritual? So what are you resolving to do this year that will make a difference to someone else’s life?

I attended a church discussion about resoluotions and it really got me thinking that there’s a lot that we can do or others to make them happy, which in turn will make us happy!

Then comes the month of February, the lover’s month! Gets you questioning why only one day (14 February to be exact) in that month was made special to show your loved one affection. Is the rest of the year not as significant to be affectionate?

And then the rest of the months seem to just be days that continue to keep us busy.

This year, travel more, dance more, laugh more, love more, learn more and be more than you were last year 🙂

Here’s to an awesome 2016 ahead!




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