To the bone

As the climate and weather patterns change in this here our beloved Zimbabwe, our bodies take the toll of every slight degree rise or fall…straight to the bone!This past week has seen trench coats, thick wooly jackets, Uggs and leg warmers  and so many more winter-warmers being pulled out of their cupboards as the country was hit by a cold spell. (Let it be known here that winter is definitely not my favourite season. Hang on, isn’t it too early for winter?).

To compound the already frosty conditions, the heavens opened up too, so there I was; already freezing to the bone (literally, I’m sure I could feel my skeleton shiver within  me); trying my hardest to keep myself warm, only to step outside and get ‘slightly dampened’ by what I thought was not such a heavy drizzle. Not cool weather gods, not cool at all!

Just to add insult to injury, it was a Friday (my favourite day o the week) and I had to be at work, when really the weather was seriously persuading me to stay warm and snug under my blankets at home. But soldier on I did (looking like an Eskimo soldier I am sure) and put focus on what lay ahead for the day’s work.

I cannot begin to describe how inviting my hot cup of coffee was as soon as I had settled in at work. Just the heat off the mug had me smiling and forgetting my damp back ( you all know once your back gets wet, well; automatically you’re cold and it seems as though it takes even longer for you to warm up).

The hot mug sat well between my fingers and the sweet coffee aroma settled my craving for the hot beverage. Drawn to my lips, my taste buds could already taste the coffee as I tipped the mug slightly (no need for early morning burns) and allowed the liquid to gently flow down my throat, warming up every bone within my body and putting a huge smile on my face.

Hope you all keep warm and stay your bone 🙂







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