Never have I ever!

Yesterday I experienced racism on another level which left me not only hurt and angered but highly disgusted by what venom can be spewed out of people without a second consideration of what “hurts” they might actually be inflicting on the next person.Not going into too much detail, a man walked into the office demanding an appointment with my boss and unfortunately I could not assist him in the specified time he wanted. My race suddenly became the highlight of his bad attitude. To the extent that he told me ” I am the reason the country went to war”!

As angered as I was, I maintained the most professional manner I could and apologised to him for the way he felt about me being myself (and only doing my job). Never have I ever experienced such awful feelings as I did yesterday. I was gutted  I burst into tears of rage as soon as he had left the room and at the end of the day I still could not fathom why such hatred was directed my way.

Last week, the Magis youth group I am a part of discussed and shared on “how much our lives are in common with Jesus” It made me realize that yesterday’s scenario is one of many of the persecutions we will face in life as Christians.

Hard as it was to bite my tongue and allow the abuse of this man to continue, I’m glad I held my cool and “turned the other cheek”. Goodness knows how many times each of us get persecuted daily.

I woke up today and decided that I won’t allow his negativity to hold me down. There’s enough negativity around already and through it all I will keep my chin up and KEEP IT POSITIVE!

Hope this week will change for the better and that I remain steadfast to the knowledge that how I treat people is how they will respond. To the rude man, I forgive you my brother and pray that you forgive yourself.

Stay blessed!





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