Serious countdown…

Exciting times are now! I can’t say I’ve ever been more excited about a countdown than I have been of late. The countdown began at 100 days (ok, 102 because somewhere along the line I added an extra 2 days lol).

Every Sunday has allowed me the opportunity to share and discuss how the past week had been and from those #Magis Circles I got to know new friends and also understand that all I am going through is as normal as could be.

Then came the cultural dance routine which we’ve rehearsed and rehearsed and re-rehearsed (guys I’m confident we can all “pesvuu” in our sleep now 🙂 and come the day we have to showcase our talent, we’ll be just fine. Midweek practice actually was great for us to de-stress and concentrate more on other things rather than work and our daily routines.

What really sparked my excitement was the day I got news that my visa was ready (Poland I see you) and even more was the fact that I’m going with the best group ever. #Magis Zimbabwe just have a way about them that really makes me want to do more, as the Latin meaning of Magis states!

We wrapped up our preparations with a retreat to Makumbi Mission which was so well worth every moment. With an injured knee, not sure if I’d make it all the way up the rocky terrain, my fellow brothers and sisters were magis and urged me on, at some point even allowing me to use them as crutches all the way up.

On top, we finalized our hike (it was more than 10kms but not sure how many exactly) with a lovely  celebration of mass. Our God is surely an AWESOME GOD for He enables us to persevere by faith in Him.

To my brothers and sisters leaving for Germany in a few sleeps time – y’all have the best time ever! I’m excited with and for you all and will see you in a few more sleeps in Poland.

#Be Magis

#Magis is more

#I am Magis






2 thoughts on “Serious countdown…

  1. Priscilla Mardon says:

    Lovely write up my darling daughter & we wish you all the best for the long awaited trip. God bless and keep you safe.

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