Power of God

This Sunday was a very different kind.  The priest’s homily was so touching and really spoke to us parishioners, or so we believed. As we left the church, my mother asked me if I’d taken her handbag out for her.

Quite surprised (as I sit on the opposite end of the bench from her) I said no. We all got quite frantic in the search for the missing handbag until the realization (and more the acceptance) of the bag being stolen hit home.

I cannot understand how someone can sit through the whole Mass, scheming when to make their move at that precise moment and walk out of God’s house knowing that they’ve stolen.

But the hand of God is more powerful than any of my questions. So after my family and I had finally all calmed our stressed nerves, my mother went to make a police report and we each went to our respective homes, all the while praying that the official documents and identification in the bag could at least be returned (we all knew for sure the phone and bit of cash that was in the bag would have long gone by the time; if ever; the bag was returned).

About 4 hours later, my father received a call from a “good Samaritan” who found a handbag dumped by her gate. Thankfully the lady looked through it and found my father’s number and made the call.

So my mother and sister happily went on to collect the bag. Meanwhile, this petty thief continued her tactics at another church but luck ran out for her and she found herself at the police station.

I can only say God played a part with the police again contacting my father to advise that the lady had my mother’s phone and was trying to make a sale of it. So off my family dash once again to collect what should never have been so easily taken.

While there, my mother showed the officers her docket with the cash amount and even described the notes, the woman immediately handed it over. So at least the stress was not for nothing as the items from within the bag were recovered.

Due to the woman being arrested at a different police station, my parents had to take her to the station where my mother had filed her report (don’t ask me why the police couldn’t or wouldn’t do their own transporting of the perpetrator lol). Along the way my sister asked where my mum’s key ring was and again the woman produced it. So literally everything she had planned on getting away with, she returned (minus the phone Sim card, but that is really not a hassle to replace – thankfully!)

Image result for lenten pictures and quotes

I am in awe of the amazing God I worship and am so grateful that He didn’t allow the woman to get away with anything. If anything, I pray (and will continue to do so) for the 26 year old, mother of 2, who thought her theivish behaviour would get her far.

Stay safe all and look out for each other’s belongings!


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