Life is simple and simple is life

Not usually do I feel the need to write about what happens in the loo (ladies’ toilet) but today I just have to share because I was really touched.

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I walked in, as you do, to get my business done and was met by two other ladies. The facilities at work only allow for 2 people to use at a time and thankfully one lady was already done.

My first cackle was when the lady (now outside by the basin) commented about the basin. New discovery indeed 🙂 So I am done and head out to wash my hands, she’s standing with a huge grin on her face looking at the basin.

The second lady then also walks out to wash her hands but seems to be battling with the tap. The taps are sensored but there is a knack of putting your hand just at the right angle for water to come out. So the first lady starts giggling.

I invite the lady to come and use the basin I was using, as I am now done; and explain to her exactly where to put her hand. She’s now giggling too and asks the other lady, “So how did you figure it out?” to which her reply was ,”I touched the whole tap until water came out”.

I walked out of the loo with a huge smile on my face after seeing how proud these two ladies were with their new discovery.

Leonardo da Vinci said it best “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” . This is very true!


Keep things simple…always 🙂