Farewell uTata Madiba

Like any other evening, I fell asleep on Thursday 5 December 2013, not knowing that the next day I would be awakened to sad news. Without even greeting, my father told me at 6.30am that uTata Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela had passed on 8.50pm the night before.

My heart instantly sank as I tried to fathom the sad news. One of my greatest dreams was to get to interview or at least have a picture taken with Africa’s greatest liberator. That dream will never come true.

Mr Mandela lived a long life, to the age of 95, and though I will never meet him, his legacy will certainly continue for many a generation to come.

The South African nation as well as the world will keep every quote, every joke, every speech and every ideal that he was imprisoned for 27years for, close at heart.

UTata Madiba, a black man who fought the fight of the whole human race…..Hamba kahle!